Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nice Shooting, Tex

From CNET: As drones become more prolific, people are starting to form two camps: those that love them, and those (like this chimp) that think they're privacy-stealing, hazardous nuisances. Guess which side a group of firefighters from upstate New York were on?
As the firefighters from Montgomery and Coldenham in New York were working to put out a house that had caught fire on June 4, a local man named John Thompson decided to fly a drone over the scene to film the proceedings. The firefighters put up with the drone for about 10 minutes and then turned their fire house on it, in what looks to me like annoyance. They send another blast its way about a minute later.
You can see the water blast at about the 12-minute mark in the video above -- just after one firefighter points out the drone to another holding the hose.
I don't blame the firefighters.  When the drone was well over the house, there was no problem but the operator of the drone decided to get closer and closer and that becomes a problem because it becomes a distraction to the firefighters and that then becomes a life and death problem.
Besides, that was some pretty good shooting by the firefighter.

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