Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Abortion Is Still An Issue

From the Arizona Central:
Last week, Democrat Fred DuVal told members of a Gilbert church that he believes your 14-year-old daughter should be able to get an abortion without first getting your consent.
DuVal's comments – to me, at least – were stunning and the most stunning part of the story?
It wasn't news.
DuVal was appearing at the Redemption Church in Gilbert where Pastor Tom Shrader asked him a series of questions, including this one on the rights of parents when it comes to their teen-age daughters and abortion.
Shrader: "Notarized parental consent? Parental notification?"
DuVal: "Consent, no. Because I believe that then gives the choice of reproductive freedom to the parents not to the expectant mother and I believe that the expectant mother has that."
Shrader: "And if she's 14?"
DuVal: "Yeah."
Yeah? Really?
This alone should disqualify DuVal from being governor as he lacks moral character to be a governor or even a dog catcher.
He wants to take away parental rights and cares more about the kid than the parents and he is wrong.
Up until now, I really didn't know who to support for governor but DuVal shows that he is an extreme liberal, not worthy of being a governor or in any other elected office.

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