Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why Chris Christie Will Be The GOP Candidate In 2016

Chris Christie is not my first choice for the GOP candidate for president in 2016 but he has the best chance to beat any Democrat, including in 2016, including Hillary.
Earlier, on the Main Line, New Jersey Gov. Christie was the afternoon attraction at a less-raucous rally for the reelection of Gov. Corbett....
Then the other governor, Christie, delivered the red meat after he strolled to the lectern to thunderous applause.
He said Wolf was "lying" in blaming Corbett for education cuts, when the administration had increased funding. "We could use a nicer word [for Wolf], but it's the word that fits him," said Christie, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, which has given $5.8 million to Corbett's campaign. "We cannot allow a liar to win the governorship of Pennsylvania," Christie said.
No other GOP candidate is going to use the blunt and straight forward language Christie uses.  He will need to use the blunt language to defeat Hillary.
And he will have a field day with blunt language if he and Hillary are the candidates.
The problem maybe is that the establishment GOP may not like him and nominate some useful fool to run for president and that person will be demolished in 2016.

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  1. Umnnhhhh.....Christie is another McCain, or worse. He would outright repeal the 2nd Amendment and likes tax increases. In fact, he IS a member of the Pubbie Establishment and is, by that very fact, NOT to be trusted.