Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not OK To Offend Blacks, But OK To Offend Christians

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From the Arizonian:
Arizona State University officials are asking football fans not to wear face paint of any kind after some students, unsettled by images of fans with their faces painted black at a recent home game, complained of racial insensitivity.
Leaders of the Valley's African-American community and the Black African Coalition at ASU last week had called for a ban on black face paint, which they said recalled the use of "blackface" in the racist minstrel shows of the 19th century that stereotyped African-Americans.
The controversy followed a Sept. 25 "blackout" game promotion, in which the university encouraged fans to wear black to match ASU's uniforms.
According to Fox 10, Phoenix, it is ok to wear a face painted devil because the school's name is the Sun Devils.
To the Blacks who were offended, grow up.  You go to a school that is name the Sun Devils and it's symbol is the devil.  You don't think that offends Christians?
And to the University, if you are afraid of offending people, change the name of the school.
Bunch of hypocrites.

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