Thursday, October 9, 2014

Protesting Thugs Back In St. Louis/Ferguson MO

Thugs burning American Flag

I guess these thugs missed being on TV because now they are protesting the shooting of thug by a police officer, after the thug shot at him with 3 shots.
From the St. Louis Post Dispatch: At least one police officer was injured when violence erupted after prayer vigils Thursday night, as protesters blocked traffic, broke windows of at least one home and a business and burned American flags.
Dispatchers reported that an officer was in need of aid around 10:15 p.m. Dozens of police rushed to the scene, donned riot gear and formed a skirmish line with billy clubs and cans of pepper spray. They ordered protesters to leave as a police helicopter circled above the crowd of about 100.
The injured officer had fallen to the ground with a protester, and another officer maced the protester. The officer was seen leaving the area walking but holding out his arm and squinting.
Protesters broke a window at the Medicine Shoppe at Grand Boulevard and Hartford Street, took an American flag from the Beauvais Manor nursing home and threw at least one brick through the window of a home along Flora Avenue.

Police Chief Sam Dotson was at the protest scene late Thursday and into early today. He said an officer had been slightly injured and two people had been arrested. He also said that some police vehicles were damaged by protesters.
Dotson said his officers were being respectful of the protesters' right to gather and make their voices heard, but he said they in turn needed to be respectful of the businesses on South Grand and nearby residents.
Sorry Chief, but being respectful to a bunch of thugs isn't going to work.  They don't care about the rule of law, the constitution or being fair.
Instead, they are a bunch of liberals spoiled brat Obama voter thugs who only think of themselves.  There is nothing good about these thugs.
If the cops can't handle these thugs, then a state of emergency needs to be called, a curfew imposed and those who break the law need to be arrested and put in jail with a high bail so they can be held until trial.  And there should be no feeling sorry for these thugs and offering plea deals.
These rioting thugs are putting others at risk and they are violating the rights of those who need to work or travel in the area.
But apparently, in St. Louis, the rights of people who need to work, live and travel in the rioting area have no rights because the rioting thugs took their rights away.
And the thugs attacked a nursing home?  The residents at the home are scared enough to be in the home and then they have a bunch of thugs attacking these poor residents and their home?  How cowardly is that?
As far as the dead thug goes, the thug was out on bail for another gun charge when he decided to try and kill a cop, and that didn't turn out too well for the dead thug.

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