Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seriously, Danica?

From ESPN: Things may not be as rosy between Danica Patrick and Joey Logano as Logano believes.
Logano said earlier this week he had smoothed things over with Patrick and did not expect retaliation over an incident earlier this month between the two at Charlotte. Patrick cautioned Saturday she will not be pushed around by Logano or anyone else on the track.
Patrick said in a measured tone: "If he keeps proving that he's sorry, then everything will be fine."
Logano spun Patrick during the Oct. 11 race at Charlotte and she was given permission over her team radio to retaliate. She later remarked that wrecking Logano would have no effect on his title chances because he'd already earned a spot in the third round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.
So, Logano has to keep proving he's sorry to you? 
Hell, you're not his wife or girl friend.
And Danica certainly hasn't earned enough respect in NASCAR, even though she has some of the best equipment and team members.
Logano is in the Chase and has 5 wins and 20 top 10's.
Danica is wallowing in 27th place in Sprint with no wins, no top 5's and only 3 top 10's.
Shut up Danica.
You're just a pin up girl with a tramp stamp:

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