Tuesday, October 14, 2014


You make almost $500,000 a year, so what do you do?  Why shoplift, of course.
From ESPN: Dallas Cowboys reserve running back Joseph Randle was arrested for shoplifting from a suburban mall Monday night.
Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft of $50 to $500, according to Frisco, Texas, police. He was released on writ bond at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday.
Frisco Police Lt. Jason Jenkins said Randle is accused of attempting to steal underwear and cologne from Dillard's in Stonebriar Centre Mall.
A team source said Tuesday evening that the Cowboys would fine Randle an amount that has yet to be determined but will not suspend him.
The arrest report states that store security officers, watching via the closed-circuit surveillance system, observed Randle purchase an item at the perfume counter before walking to the underwear section and concealing merchandise in his Dillard's bag. He then exited the store before being stopped by security in the parking lot.
The store security officers recovered from Randle a two-pack of black Polo underwear valued at $39.50 and an almost full "tester" bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne valued at $84.
After being placed in the back of a police car, Randle told Frisco police officer Jason Kimbrough that he would have just kept walking to his car when confronted by security officer Raymond Wymer -- the "old guy," Randle called him -- if he had known he would be arrested, according to the arrest report.  http://espn.go.com/dallas/nfl/story/_/id/11699736/dallas-cowboys-rb-joseph-randle-arrested-shoplifting
I will say this: I don't blame him for not wanting to buy 2 underwear for $40, $20 per underwear.  Give me the old Fruit of the Loom.
And my cologne goes for $84 a barrel.
But dude, if you would have walked off, you probably would have been arrested in front of your teammates and made to do the perp walk in front of them.
But in Las Vegas, the worst they do is give you a ticket for shoplifting, and that is if you shoplift over $50.  Below that, the cops don't even want to talk to you.

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