Monday, October 20, 2014

Look Who Is Violating Liberals The Right To Vote

Yeah, those evil GOP are always looking to hinder the rights of minorities to vote.
Well, lookee here at who is violating the rights of Indians to vote.
From the Havre Daily News:
The Fort Belknap Indian Community missed their deadline to file a proposal to open a satellite election office in their area. Native Americans from those reservations won a legal settlement in June to open the offices and improve access to late registration and early voting.
According to the Associated Press, a dozen plaintiffs from both the Northern Cheyenne tribe and the Fort Belknap tribe argued that they were discriminated against because they had to drive long distances to the county courthouses in order to register late or vote early in elections.
The nearest election office to Fort Belknap is in Chinook, which is about 90 miles round-trip.
Donald Ranstrom, the Blaine County Attorney said the letter requesting a Fort Belknap voting location arrived four days after the deadline and county officials determined that opening an office despite this could counteract the settlement.
“The concern we had, and continue to have, is we spent a lot of time and a lot of energy and money and resources getting to where we got to with this agreement. We weren’t going to allow any argument to be made that ‘by modifying the terms, you’ve scrapped the agreement,’” Ranstrom said.
So, you have some Indians, for whatever reason, deciding not to abide by an agreement with a County government to allow easier access for their fellow Indians to vote.
So, it's not the GOP who hinder liberal voters... it's liberals who are hindering fellow liberals from voting.

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