Sunday, October 12, 2014

Geez, I Used To Like Him

I used to like Bob Segar's music, especially Hollywood Nights.
Now, he is coming out with a new album at age 70 and it is a very political, especially about the hoax, climate change/global warming.
From the Detroit Free Press:
Bob Seger, the Midwestern meat-and-potatoes rock 'n' roller, is going worldly.
"Ride Out," his first album in eight years, features familiar Seger themes of hope, honesty and moving forward, and finds him taking stock of a music career that has now hit the half-century mark.
But it's also his most explicitly political work in years, tackling debt, gun violence and what the Detroit singer-songwriter calls "the No. 1 issue," climate change.
"I'm talking to the whole world this time," Seger says from his rustic work cabin in Clarkston, where the walls are lined with guitars and a fridge is adorned with family photos....
Seger has certainly gotten political before, with topical antiestablishment themes on early songs like "2+2=?" and "U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)." But the new material may be his most outspoken yet.
Environmental matters dominate several new songs, most notably "It's Your World" ("Say a prayer for the victims of extinction," he sings. "Say another for the redwood trees"). It's an ominous-toned take on climate change that Seger knows could prove divisive among fans. Here, after all, is one of the Industrial Belt's most prominent musicians going green. He says his management team "is petrified of it."
"People are going to be mad at me. There may be a lot of people that won't come to the shows because of it," he says. "But I just feel it's something I've got to say."
He presses the point, brandishing a news article about the United Nations' latest climate-change report.
"There are a lot of culprits in climate change, and everybody's responsible, myself included," he says, voice rising. "Nobody gets a free pass on this one. We've got to change our ways and change them fast."
To Bob, yes you are 70 and almost gone, but it doesn't mean you need to espouse your views on your songs and in your concerts. Yes, many singers do it, but they are also considered to be kooks and morons and this puts you in this category.  Is that how you want to be remembered as, an idiot and a moron?
And like most rabid global warming believers, you are going to try and make money off of global warming/climate change.
But I still love this song:

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