Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mary Had A Little Lamb That Was High On Pot

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From the LVRJ: A flock of sheep reportedly had a good time after chowing down on the wrong kind of grass.
Farmer Nellie Budd, of Surrey, England, discovered his sheep stumbling after eating around $6,500 worth of marijuana plants that had been dumped in his field.
“My sheep being inquisitive had an interesting feast on it. They weren’t quite on their backs with legs in the air but they probably had the munchies,” Budd told The Telegraph.
Officers said they will be looking for the owners of the illegal plants, and intend to press charges.
“We are doing all we can to find out how the drugs came to be at the location and who is responsible for growing and discarding the plants,” said Detective Contable David Fair.
The sheep are expected to be fine.
A few hours later, the sheep were seen at the local 7-11 buying out all the store's Doritos.

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