Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Believe The Ferguson Cop

From the NY Daily News: The cop who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown — setting off a wave of protests in Ferguson, Mo.— told investigators he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger, it was reported Friday.
Officer Darren Wilson told federal officials that Brown, who was 18, had shoved him into his SUV and grabbed for his gun, according to The New York Times.
The weapon went off twice in Wilson’s SUV as the men grappled Aug. 9, FBI forensics show.
Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilsonstands beside the dead body of Michael Brown on August 9 2014. The still is taken from video shot by eyewitness Piaget Crenshaw
Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson stands beside the dead body of Michael Brown Aug. 9 2014.
Unarmed teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson cop in August.
Wilson, 28, has told investigators Brown punched and scratched him, The Times said, citing unnamed government officials briefed on the federal civil rights investigation.
The teen’s blood was found on the gun, Wilson’s uniform and in the SUV.
I believe the cop thought his life was in danger.
You had a thug who was high on pot and just robbed a store.  The thug was amped up and had reason to believe he was about to be arrested, so he fought the cop.
No one and I mean no one has come forward to say what the legitimate motive of the cop to shoot the thug other than that he was afraid for his life.
For kicks? 
Because he was a cold blooded murderer?
The cop has been a cop for many years and has no record of discipline, so why he shoot the thug in cold blood?
I believe the cop and not the thug's supporters.

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