Monday, October 20, 2014

Signs Of Democrat Community Organizer Candidate Desperation

From the LVRJ: U.S. Rep. Joe Heck and other GOP lawmakers are responsible for the Ebola crisis because federal budget cuts have crippled the ability of the government and hospitals to deal with an infectious disease outbreak, Erin Bilbray, the Democrat challenging Heck, charged Monday.
Heck should be ashamed of his record on health care, Bilbray said.
In response, Heck accused Bilbray of lying about his record and he said lawmakers just this year voted to boost funding for the Centers for Disease Control by 8.2 percent. He also said that the Ebola infections of two nurses in Texas were due to human error, not the CDC budget.
“The issue of the CDC having enough resources to respond would have no impact on the nurses who were infected,” Heck said.
Bilbrat is in complete desperation mode.
First, the CDC gets a whole lot of money.  Congress gives them a whole lot of money, which was approved by a Democrat Senate and signed by the president.
Further, while Congress can give the CDC, it really doesn't have much say how the money is spent.
We have had 1 death of a Ebola patient and that wouldn't have happened if we had a travel ban on people traveling from West Africa.  And whose fault is that?
Finally, Heck is a doctor and is far more experienced in matters than the blonde Bilbrat, who is a community organizer.  And we know how being a community organizer, can make you feel smarter but in reality, they are as stupid as a brain dead platypus, with apologies to brain dead platypuses.
Yeah, Bilbrat is very desperate.

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