Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Good News For Scott Walker

Seems like that all efforts and dirty tricks of liberal groups, liberal news media, liberal hate groups, unions from around the country, Chris Christie and others have wasted their effort according to the latest poll by Marquette University.
From Republican Gov. Scott Walker has pulled ahead of Democratic challenger Mary Burke in Wisconsin’s contentious governor’s race, a poll released Wednesday found.
Walker leads Burke 50 percent to 43 percent among likely voters, the new Marquette Law School Poll reported.
It’s Marquette’s final poll before the Nov. 4 election, and a major change from the poll earlier this month that found the race tied.
Poll director Charles Franklin said “shifting turnout intentions” have triggered many of the swings in polling for the governor’s race.
“More Walker supporters say they will vote than Burke voters,” Franklin said.
About 93 percent of Republicans polled in the recent survey said they were certain to vote, compared to 82 percent of Democrats, Franklin said. That was a notable shift from the survey two weeks ago, when 82 percent of GOP voters and 80 percent of Democrats said they were certain to go to the polls.
Other shifts included the resurgence of a gender gap, with men backing Walker over Burke 58-36; Burke holds a 49-43 lead among women. Independent voters also backed Walker by a 52 to 37 margin, Franklin said.
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For me, this is the biggest race to watch in the country.
The liberals hate, just hate Scott Walker because he has won in liberal Milwaukee County and in mostly liberal Wisconsin and he has beat the liberals at their own game.
They have tried to recall him and he beat them, soundly.
He was able to pass Act 10, a anti-government union law which has sharply decreased union membership and has allowed for better work rules and the ability to fire incompetent government workers easier.
And he was able to pass voter ID, which pisses off Democrats because it will be harder to steal elections.
So, hopefully, Walker maintains this lead and it will lead to a possible 2016 presidential run.


  1. Don't forget the Journal-Sentinel getting completely scooped today about why Mary Burke departed Trek. All day, they've been in react quote mode.

  2. Yep, I agree. It's kind of fun to watch. Just get the popcorn out.