Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fred DuVal: Idiot

In Arizona, my new home state is having a race for governor.
It features Doug Ducey, who is the founder of Cold Stone Creamery, a ice cream shop against Fred Duval, moron.
Today, Chris Christie came to campaign for Ducey- not the person I would want to campaign with me, but better than DuVal's hero, President Obama.
But DuVal had this to say about Christie's visit: Arizona is headed in the wrong direction. I know it. You know it. And Doug Ducey knows it. That’s why Ducey has pulled the fire alarm. His national party bought millions of dollars of attack ads, Mitt Romney came to Arizona last week, and Chris Christie is here a second time to try to rescue Ducey.
So, DuVal must have not brought in any outside help, right?
Wrongo, buckaroo.
From the AZ Central: Bill Clinton will headline a Scottsdale fundraiser Tuesday for Fred DuVal, the Democratic candidate for governor and a former White House staffer under Clinton
So, it's bad, in DuVal's eyes that Christie comes to campaign for Ducey but yet he has pervert Bill Clinton come and campaign and raise money for him.
DuVal: Moron

Shhh, the liberal media in Arizona won't point out this hypocrisy.


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