Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well, That And Stupidity

From jsonline: In the tightest race of his political career, Republican Gov. Scott Walker turned up the rhetoric Thursday by saying many voters in the liberal bastion of Madison are driven by anger and that his supporters need to counter that tide by showing up at the polls.
During an appearance in Pewaukee, Walker quoted former Gov. Tommy Thompson as saying, "Unfortunately, anger is a greater motivation than love."
Walker continued, "There are a lot of people who love what we've done across the state. There are many people in Madison who are angry and they're going to vote no matter what. We have got to make sure that people who love what we do understand they have to come out just as strong. If they do, we'll win this election."
Of course, union goons for government unions are pissed at walker and the GOP for passing the common sense ACT 10 bill which made joining unions optional for government workers.  And the bill has worked as most government employees have opted out of their former unions.
And if you read liberal hate-Walker web sites, you just see both
the anger and the stupidity ooze from these sites, like this one:
I used to live in Madison, WI., as I was going to college there and I have met the most ill-informed, mean, vicious and brain dead people alive and 99.5% of them were liberals.  So, Walker is right, Madison union goons are angry and hopefully, the fair minded people of Wisconsin will come out and vote for him instead of voting for some liberal hack.

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