Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Loser President At Loser School

How ironic that President Obama went to visit Milwaukee's and probably Wisconsin's worst high school.
From jsonline: President Barack Obama kicked off the final week of the campaign Tuesday by coming to Milwaukee's North Division High School to boost Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.
"She wants to give Wisconsin a raise," Obama told thousands of supporters as he emphasized Burke's support for raising the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour.
Burke is locked in a tight race with Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
I started my teaching career at North Division, which lies in the heart of the inner city of Milwaukee.  The area is home to thugs, druggies, criminals, prostitutes, pimps, murderers and all those who cover up for them.  The area is run by gang members.
When I first started, the principal was a Mr. Lovell, a no nonsense man who held both students and teachers accountable.  Mr. Lovell was a Black principal and he was tough and suffered no fools.  If you were a bad teacher, you were given 1 or 2 times to improve and then you were gone to another crap filled school.
Mr. Lovell was out of town during the first month of school when a teacher got beat up and severely injured.  When Mr. Lovell came back, he was on a mission to get rid of the thugs that dominated the school.  He pissed off a lot of people but he stood his ground and North Division was making great strides under him.
However, Mr. Lovell also had many years in the District and he decided to retire and he wanted a young energetic assistant principal to take his place.  This assistant principal was well respected in the neighborhood and among the staff and students.
However, MPS decided to hire a hack principal from another loser MPS high school and North lost all the gains they made under Mr. Lovell and them some.  Eventually, they had to close down the school because it was so bad.  What they are doing now, who knows and quite frankly, who cares.
So, we have the worst president  in the history of the United States going to one of the worst high schools in the United States.

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