Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cop Killer Gives Speech To A Bunch Of Dim Wits

A lot of people are in a uproar about a thug cop killer giving a commencement speech at some loser college.
Yes, the thug cop killer should have been put to death for killing a cop.
Yes, the cop killer, while a writer still is nothing more than a low brow POS thug whose name should never be mentioned and it, the thug, should be completely be forgotten and left to rot in jail, like rotten meat being eaten by maggots.
However, the supposed college is just a POS college, whose degrees have the same meaning as toilet paper after it had been used.
From Fox News: Goddard, a low-residency school where students, staff and faculty spend eight days on campus twice a year, holds 20 commencement ceremonies every year, so students in each degree program can individualize their graduations and choose their speaker.
Goodard alumni include a whose who of nobody's.
So, yes, the cop killing thug gave a commencement speech to a bunch of dim witted Obama supporters who will end up on government assistance or in their parent's houses after they graduate.
Yes, it sucks, but the thug was speaking to a bunch people who could not get into a normal community college, so he was speaking to the choir.
For information about the police officer, Daniel Faulkner, who the thug killed:

Yeah, that's a high quality institution of higher learning.

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