Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ebola...I Couldn't Care Less

The world is all in a twitter about Ebola.
1-2 people in the U.S. have it.  So what.
It is a deadly disease, no doubt about it.
So is MRSA.
So is cancer.
So is heart disease.
So is lung disease.
So is AIDS.
So is MS, ALS, MD and a host of genetic disorders.
We have people killed everyday in car crashes.
In Chicago, they average at least 1 murder a day.
And yet, no one has died of Ebola in the U.S.
And it is contagious.
So is MRSA.  That kills thousands a year.
So are colds that kill the infirmed, very old and young.
So is the flu, which can kill hundreds or more.
So is AIDS.
And it affects some poor countries in Africa and has killed several thousands.
So does diarrhea.
So do other viral diseases.
And bacterial diseases.
So does AIDS
And hunger. (At least that's what the U.N. and other liberals say)
And heart disease.
And cancer.
Someone who has the flu or cold can infect an entire airplane and the CDC and FAA does nothing.
Here's a news flash to the Obama administration: Don't let anybody in the country from the few Africa countries that have the Ebola problem.  (It's less than 10 countries)
So, I really couldn't give a rats ass about Ebola.  It's a great news story with pictures because the idiots in Africa apparently are so backward they don't even know how to bury a dead person, so bodies are lying in the street.
Let's concentrate on the diseases that we can do something about and put the money we are spending on Ebola on the other diseases.
And get the media out of the Ebola story.  Their are hyping this for whatever reason and it is causing needless panic.

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  1. The problem is the potential - Ebola is one mutation away from being airborne. The medical community has been worrying about Ebola for years now.