Monday, October 6, 2014

Michelle Obama Concerned About Race Of Reporters?

From the Madison Capitol Times:
The Secret Service inadvertently sought the racial background of photojournalists covering a visit Tuesday to Madison by first lady Michelle Obama, according to The Washington Post.
The newspaper, quoting an unnamed Secret Service official, said an advance agent made an error in requesting the information from photographers.
Obama is headlining a campaign rally with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke Tuesday in the Capitol Theater at Overture Center just after noon.
On Sunday, Burke's campaign sent an email to press outlets requesting the full name, Social Security number, sex and race of any photographers seeking to be near the first lady.
Newsroom leaders with the Wisconsin State Journal questioned the relevance of the race information with Burke's campaign, which referred questions Monday to the Secret Service. The Secret Service punted to the first lady's press office, which said it would respond only to written questions submitted by email. By early Monday evening, it had not responded to the submitted questions.
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The extremely liberal Capitol Times tries to blame the Secret Service, but it was Michelle Obama who wanted the information.  Why else would Obama duck the questions and why would the Secret Service tell the reporters to talk to Obama?
Yes, of course, the Obama's are a bunch of racists and the proof is coming forward now, as reporters are no longer scared of the Obamas.

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