Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Never Mind..No Wait..Never Mind Again Updates

Well, that didn't last long.
Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy put a ban on the 9th Circuits ban on Nevada and Idaho's ban on gay marriaage.
It is very significant since Kennedy is the swing vote in the Supremes.
Update:  So much for stopping gay marriage in Nevada.  Kennedy lifted his order in Nevada but kept it in Idaho.
I thought it was a mistake since Nevada gave up on the gay marriage ban as the governor and attorney general all refused to defend the gay marriage ban.  I'm pretty sure someone called Kennedy to inform him of this.
So, now gays are being married in Nevada as we speak.
Update 2:  from the LVRJ:  No marriage licenses were issued for same-sex couples in Clark County on Wednesday, and probably none will be issued on Thursday either, Clark County Clerk Diane Alba says.
She said on Wednesday afternoon that county officials have decided to wait for another ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals before going ahead.
She was among local officials in Nevada attempting to move forward with gay marriage who were whipsawed Wednesday after conflicting orders from the federal courts threw the process into confusion.
Clerks in Nevada’s 17 counties are now expected to wait for a new ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals before proceeding to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples so they can legally be married.
I am not for gay marriage but what Nevada is doing is wrong.
First, you honestly think the whole 9th Circuit is going to change their mind and outlaw gay marriage?  If you think that, then you live on the moon.
Further, people are planning and spending money and this money is being lost or wasted right now waiting for Nevada, which isn't even fighting the rulings from the courts, to act.  And that's not right.
So, now we wait for the fat lady to stop singing and who knows how long that is.

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