Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Firing Was Wrong


Columbus Firefighter Jonathan Goodman's fate was sealed when he said: "I do."
It turns out his wife's uncle is also a firefighter. Although he holds the same rank as the newlywed and is stationed at another firehouse on a different shift, the nuptials made them related.
Fire Chief Martin Andrews told local reporters: "I told (Goodman) that according to city policy in nepotism he could be terminated...He terminated himself. He was a good firefighter, of course, but he just made the choice to get married which violated our nepotism policy. He can no longer work for the fire department."
Goodman, 25, had been employed with fire department since April 2013.
He turned down an offer to transfer to the police department, saying his passion is firefighting.
So, they are not considered to be immediate family, they are the same rank, so no one is a supervisor over the other and they are at different fire stations.
If the firefighter was in contact with an immediate family member or the family member was his immediate supervisor, I can see how that can cause the firing. 
No way this guy should have been fired because it was a stupid rule.

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