Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walker Opens Up Lead In Wisconsin

Scott Walker, my choice for president in 2016 (though, since Chris Christie was campaigning for him last week, it may be a moot point) has opened up a 5 point lead in the Wisconsin governor's race.
From Fox News:
A plagiarism scandal surrounding Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke may be affecting Wisconsin voters.
The latest Marquette University Law School poll, released Wednesday, shows incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker has opened up his lead against Burke by 5 percent among likely voters.
Information for Marquette’s previous poll, which had Walker ahead of Burke by 3 percent, was collected between Sept. 11-14, several days before Buzzfeed first reported Burke’s campaign had lifted word-for-word numerous passages in her jobs plan from other sources. Buzzfeed also found additional instances of plagiarism in other Burke policy proposals.
“I would say it is plausible that, yes, that has moved some votes and, in fact, maybe counts for that 2 percent,” Marquette political science professor John McAdams told Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday, shortly after the poll was made public.
The latest poll found 18 percent of respondents are less likely to vote for Burke after hearing her camp copied certain ideas from other plans. Almost 75 percent said Burke’s actions haven’t changes their opinions.
The liberals, all around the country hate Scott Walker and if he wins re-election in Wisconsin, and my money says he will, they will totally disheartened.  they have put in tons of money and volunteer effort to get rid of Walker and that will deflate a lot of egos, mainly from this hate Walker blog:
Walker has beat the liberals in their own backyard- Milwaukee County, which is heavily Democrat and Wisconsin, which is pretty much a Blue State, especially in national elections.
So, the good news for conservatives and some Republicans keeps on marching along.

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