Monday, October 6, 2014

When Does A Liberal Not Like A New Tax?

So, when does a liberal dislike a new tax?
When it effects them personally.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
This is the time when voters usually start to focus — those who ever focus — on the general election just a month away. Unlike with most elections, though, many voters have been paying attention to this one for many, many years.
And now it is time for the voters to do something about it. Unfortunately, Question 3 is a flawed response to a do-nothing, status quo attitude that has failed the people and their schoolchildren for too many years. It is a perfectly appropriate reaction but, as someone who knows a great deal about gross margin-type taxes, I can assure the voters that passing Question 3 could spell disaster. But impending disaster, by itself, may not be enough to overcome a frustration that has been building to the boiling point.
Question 3 is flawed for so many reasons, most prominent of which is that it will return us to 2009 when Nevada was on its back and thousands of people in this state were on unemployment. Yes, it will raise large amounts of money, but there is no assurance that money will actually go to education.
This editorial as written by one other than Sun publisher and very liberal, Brian "The Coward" Greenspun.
If this ballot question passes, Greenspun will be greatly affected as he owns several media outlets including the Las Vegas Sun and couple other magazines/newspapers no one reads.
He stands to lose a lot of money as he is limited with what he can do.
He can't raise the cost of his newspaper because the Sun is delivered with the Las Vegas Review Journal because the Sun is not capable of  delivering the Sun, so he sponges off the LVRJ.
There is no advertising in the print edition of the Sun, so my guess is that the Sun and LVRJ share advertising revenue, so Greenspun will be liable for his share of the tax from this revenue.
He gets some revenue from advertising on his web sites and presumably, the his media projects.
So, Greenspun will be a big loser if this tax is passed and that is why he against the tax.
Greenspun is also a hypocrite.  The Sun editorial board has been advocating for years that education in Nevada is woefully underfunded (in Clark County, it is not- they get ton's of money, they just misspend their money).
Now, given an opportunity to increase funding in education, Greenspun is all of a sudden against it.
A liberal enjoys raising taxes on everybody except themselves.  They believe everyone else's taxes should go up but cry like a stuck pig when their taxes go up and Greenspun is no exception.
BTW, I do want congratulate Greenspun for being right on this issue, the first time this year, I believe.

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