Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Reason Not Get A Tattoo

From ESPN: Colton Schmidt, a second-year backup punter out of UC Davis, can now claim the mantle that was once reserved for a franchise NFL quarterback.
Schmidt has taken over honors for the spot on Rex Ryan's arm that was until Friday occupied by former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.
Ryan, who in Jan. 2013 revealed an image of his wife donning a Jets No. 6 tattooed onto his right arm, has had the green in it recolored to Bills blue, giving Schmidt's jersey the presumptive nod.
"I mean, you've got to turn the page," Ryan told The Wall Street Journal.
The Journal reported the ink adjustment cost Ryan a mere $80 in a tattoo parlor in Arizona, where Super Bowl festivities were held over the weekend.
Ryan, 52, also told the newspaper he has given away all his Jets apparel and keepsakes, saying he was putting his New York past firmly behind him.
"I'm all in," he said.
Just another reason not to get a tattoo- it's pretty much permanent or painful if you want it removed or changed.
As someone who is as hairy as a Sasquatch, I don't have to worry about getting a tattoo, but I always wondered what the big thing is.  Why paint your body permanently and show it off to the public, unless you seek serious attention for yourself.
I've seen some good looking people ruin their bodies with tattoos and it just blows me away why they do that, other than they want to bring attention to themselves.
Like this guy from Kingman:

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