Saturday, February 28, 2015

Toughest, Meanest Woman On The Planet

From the Las Vegas Sun: Ronda Rousey and her corner inadvertently toppled a couple of empty chairs by the broadcast table as they exited the octagon Saturday night at Staples Center.
Other than the fact that hardly anyone was watching, the incident mirrored what happened inside the cage. Rousey continued to obliterate everything in her path, allowing Cat Zingano to last just 14 seconds before tapping out in the main event of UFC 184.
“I can’t wait to get some hot wings,” Rousey exclaimed in the cage in reference to her post-fight tradition to gorge on her favorite food.
The victory was Rousey’s fifth consecutive defense of her UFC women’s bantamweight title, and her fastest yet. She defeated Alexis Davis in 16 seconds last July, but topped the record for quickest win in a title fight by two seconds in front of her hometown.
Zingano flew out at the onset of the fight and threw a knee at Rousey, which played right into the champion’s hands.
“We were expecting that she might come out and throw something flying right away,” Rousey said. “I was originally going to check it but I caught her instead.”
Zingano suffered the first loss of her career without feeling like she ever got a chance to fight. She was in disbelief moments after the loss, continually muttering a choice four-letter word in the octagon interview with color commentator Joe Rogan.
“She had my arm and I saw her leg in there, I thought to grab it and hold it, but all of a sudden I was tapping,” Zingano said. “It was in but it wasn’t in….I just want to do it again.”
That’s a wish unlikely to come true, at least not any time soon. Several fighters are lining up for a chance at Rousey with one of the most notable emerging victorious in the co-main event.
Rhonda is so dominating that she has yet have to go to the 2nd round in any of her fights.
She is probably the best and most dominating female athlete of our time.
I would say she is the one of the most dominating athletes, male or female athletes of our time.

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