Friday, February 27, 2015

New Career For Chumlee?

I thought most DJ's were pretty hyper when they are spinning records (or whatever they play the music on today, maybe even an 8 track?)
And then there is Chumlee from Pawn stars who wants to try his hand in being a DJ;.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Fulfilling a lifelong dream, or at least a decade-long dream, Austin “Chumlee” Russell of “Pawn Stars” is showing off his DJ skills (or, skillz, if you will) at Ghostbar Dayclub at 1 p.m. Saturday. Chumlee is closing Dayclub's season and hoping to vault into a second career as a regular headlining DJ in VegasVille.
That concept led to this exchange with the Chumster during a recent phone conversation:
Johnny Kats: “I like this idea of you as a celebrity DJ. I can see your face on the MGM Grand, right up there with David Copperfield.
Chumlee: My face is on the MGM Grand??
J.K. No! I mean, I envision that, someday.
Chumlee: (Laughing) I was gonna say — I would have heard something about this.
Instead, it all starts at the Palms as Chumlee sets up to chase his passion, ignited by such star DJs as Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Erick Morillo, Diplo, DJ Marco and Skrillex, among others. He will use pieces that are “industry standard” in his set, and has been working out his act in his own home. This is the first of what he hopes will be an extended partnership with the Palms.
Chumlee probably could do pretty good in the DJ business just on his name.
And Chumlee does have media savvy and he probably is pretty bored because he cannot really do any real work at the Gold and Silver shop because of privacy laws.
Unfortunately, most of Chumlee's customers at the shop probably could not afford to see him in person as they are too broke to go.

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