Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stupid Union News

From Philly.com:
Union carpenters and Teamsters angling to regain their jobs at the Convention Center had their hopes thwarted Monday when a hearing examiner for the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board said the board did not have jurisdiction to handle a complaint filed by the two unions.
The unions, which have been staging protests outside the Convention Center for months, lost the right to work there in May, when they did not sign a new customer-satisfaction agreement by a deadline set by the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority board. The two unions signed a few days later. By that time, however, the unions had lost the ability to work in the hall, and their hours were divided among the four remaining unions and the center's outside management company, West Conshohocken-based SMG.
All the union had to do was sign a piece of paper by a deadline and all their members would b e working.
Now, the union bosses are still living high off the hog while the members who were let go got nothing.
Yeah, unions pretty much suck.

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  1. Aw that's sad. Yet I can't stop laughing.