Monday, February 9, 2015

I Agree With Clarence Thomas

Clarence is a brilliant Supreme Court justice and this shows why.
From AP News: The Supreme Court is inappropriately signaling it intends to clear the way for gay marriage across the nation, Justice Clarence Thomas complained Monday in a stinging dissent to the court's refusal to block the start of same-sex marriages in Alabama.
Bitterly objecting to Monday's action, Thomas provided a rare insider's perspective on the widely held view that the court's embrace of gay marriage is a done deal.
Thomas filed a dissenting opinion after his colleagues rejected Alabama's plea to put a hold on same-sex marriages in the state until the Supreme Court resolves the issue nationwide in a few months.
He criticized his fellow justices for looking "the other way as yet another federal district judge casts aside state laws," rather than following the customary course of leaving those laws in place until the court answers an important constitutional question.
"This acquiescence may well be seen as a signal of the court's intended resolution of that question," Thomas wrote in an opinion that was joined by Justice Antonin Scalia. "This is not the proper way" for the court to carry out its role under the Constitution, he wrote, "and, it is indecorous for this court to pretend that it is."
The opinion was remarkable less for the legal result it suggested than for its open criticism of fellow justices.
Thomas is right- it appears that several members have decided what their vote will be even before they hear and read the arguments, not to mention any kind of debate between the justices.
If this was going the opposite way, that it appeared that the justices would uphold the gay marriage bans, without hearing/reading the arguments, the left would be ready to burn down the Supreme Court building (well, that's what liberal thugs do when they don't get their way)  The media and their ilk would demand that the conservative justices be impeached.
But because it is Clarence Thomas, the racist liberals and media just ignore him.
Like the morons in the media who blindly support fellow racist, President Obama.
But without a doubt, Thomas is right.

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