Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bad Weekend For The NASCAR Busch Brothers

One got unjustly suspended from NASCAR when a scorned lover, who lost her weekly 15 minutes of fame, decided to take revenge in front of a completely incompetent court commissioner who wanted his 15 minutes of fame.
The other broke bones in his 2 legs, including a compound fracture in a minor league race.
Because of that, both Busch brothers are out of NASCAR racing for quite a awhile.
From ESPN: Kurt Busch lost his final NASCAR appeal Saturday night to get his indefinite suspension rescinded prior to the Daytona 500, the sport's biggest race that is set to go green Sunday afternoon.
NASCAR suspended the Stewart-Haas Racing driver Friday after the release of a Kent County (Delaware) Family Court commissioner opinion that detailed why he believed Busch had committed an act of domestic violence against ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.
Busch lost his initial appeal to a three-member NASCAR-appointed panel Saturday afternoon and then made an appeal Saturday night to NASCAR Final Appeals Officer Bryan Moss. A former president of Gulfstream who was named as NASCAR's top appeals boss in 2014, Moss had not ruled on any final appeal until Saturday night.
And also from ESPN: Kyle Busch will miss the Daytona 500 after suffering a broken right leg and left foot following a hard crash into an interior concrete wall during an Xfinity Series race Saturday at Daytona International Speedway.
Busch needed assistance getting out of his car after it slammed into a wall that did not have an energy-absorbing steel-and-foam energy reduction (SAFER) barrier. His right leg was placed in an air cast before he was transported by ambulance to nearby Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, where he underwent surgery Saturday night for a compound fracture of his lower right leg. He also suffered a mid-foot fracture in his left foot.
The team reported late Saturday night the surgery was successful and that Busch would remain hospitalized for observation.

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