Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scott Walker Is Wrong

I like Scott Walker and most of his views, and I understand what he said about President Obama's patriotism but Walker is wrong.  Obama is not a patriot nor does he love our country.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
It took a while, but Gov. Scott Walker is finally saying — sorta, kinda — what he thinks about President Barack Obama's patriotism and faith.
In short, the Wisconsin governor indirectly agreed with his staff that Obama is a Christian, and he suggested, in a very roundabout way, that he thinks the president cares for America.
"Anybody who puts their name on the ballot" — presumably including Obama — "has to have a love for their country," Walker said twice following a news conference in Green Bay on Tuesday.  http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/noquarter/scott-walker-speaks-out-sort-of-on-obamas-patriotism-faith-scott-walker-speaks-out-sort-of-on--b9945-293952141.html
Obama does not love this country nor most of it's citizens.
Obama doesn't care about those who live in the ghettos of the big urban cities.
Obama hates the military.
Obama hates conservatives.
Obama hates the middle class.
Obama hates small business.
Obama hates Christians.
Obama hates the poor.
Obama hates those who are victims of violence.
But Obama does love those who don't live in the United States or are here illegally.
Obama loves muslims, especially those who oppose the United States.
Obama loves illegal immigrants.
Obama loves the rich.
Obama loves golf courses.
Obama probably, but not likely, loves his kids except in photo ops.
But Obama does not like Michelle.
So, walker is wrong, Obama doesn't a crap about the United States and he certainly is not a patriot.


  1. Hi, Dan! Thought I'd check in and see what you're up to, from cold, cold Ohio.

    That said, this list makes you look deeply silly. I know you very much dislike the president (I won't assign motives to that, only that it's true). But you can't get inside the man's head to know these things, and really can't possibly have evidence for them either.

    Like every other president in the media age, Obama has said some variation of "God bless America" in virtually every speech he's ever given. He's proclaimed that only in America is his own story possible. He's spoken endless variations of "I love America," "my love for America."

    Here is some evidence for my side of the argument: http://slate.me/19M0cfz

    Obama having policies and beliefs that are contrary to your own doesn't mean he hates any of those things in your list. He's shown nothing but love for his family, particularly his daughters, and he is currently married to his first and only wife (even Saint Ronnie didn't manage that one). So, help me out here. How can you declare all of this to be fact?

    Meanwhile, hope things are going well in AZ!

  2. Actually, I never even thought of "In God we trust"
    As far as his family, if he loved them so much, why does he travel to Vegas alone or why do they take separate vacations?
    I never said it was fact, just an opinion.
    Glad you are doing well in Ohio. It actually snowed in Summerlin the other day, after many days of temps in the 70's.

  3. You didn't phrase it that way though, you flat-out said he doesn't love America, an hates. . .a lengthy list. I'm just saying, it sounds a bit unhinged. I will cop to possibly having made inartfully worded accusations about Bush/Cheney et al (especially Cheney). Just sayin'.