Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who Are The Conservatives And Who Are The Morons (liberals)

Conservative Review Online has come out with a list of the true conservatives and those who are the knuckle dragging drooling fools, also known as liberal Democrats.
Leading the conservative fight in the Senate is Benjamin Sasse, Bill Cassidy and a total of 13 other GOP senators who scored 100%.
The lowest ranking RINO's are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, John Hoeven and Lamar Alexander.
Claire McCaskill, Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren are the most conservative Democrats while there are 15 brain dead Democrats who scored a 0.
In the House, there were 14 Democrats who were more conservative than GOP RINO Collins.
Leading the way for the conservative GOP is Collin Peterson, Jim Cooper, Brad Ashford, Gary Palmer and Rod Blum with 100% ratings.  The leading RINO's are David Valadao, Richard Hanna, John Katko, Bruce Poliquin, Pat Meehan and several others who ranked tied with or lower than the most conservative Democrat in the House.
Sadly, my former favorite House member, Rep. Dr. Joe Heck scored as a bad RINO at 39%.  You don't know how sad that makes me feel.
Check out the site and see where your favorite or your least favorite congresscritter  is rated by conservative standards.

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