Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can't Wait To See This Fly

From the NY Daily News: This plane is a really, really big deal.
A TV crew captured the first images of an in-the-making plane that, upon completion, will be the largest one ever made.
The exceptionally enormous plane, called “Roc” for the bird of prey in Middle East mythology, is being assembled in Mojave, Calif., Aviation Week reported.
It has a wingspan of 385 feet, will be powered by six 747-class engines and so far weighs about 200,000 pounds — a light load compared to its final weight estimate of 1.3 million pounds.
The plane is being built by Scaled Composites as part of a space launch program by Stratolaunch Systems, a startup from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It’s intended to deliver satellites, weighing about 13,500 pounds each, into orbits hundreds of miles above earth.
I am an airplane buff and like watching them land and take off from airports and I would love to see this plane take off and/or land somewhere.

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