Monday, February 9, 2015

So, Will Obama Address Black On Black Crime In Chicago?

From the Chicago Sun Times:  President Barack Obama comes home to Chicago on Feb. 19 to boost the re-election bid of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his former chief of staff.
Obama will come bearing a “gift” that may help Emanuel as he heads toward the Feb. 24 vote. Early voting already started on Monday.
I don't take saying this lightly, but Obama's actions have the same moral equivalence of a United States Adolph Hitler.
Obama has had so many opportunities to talk about and act on Black on Black crime, especially the shootings and murders in the inner city.  The same can be said for other minorities as well.
Every year, thousands of people die in the inner city due to violence.  Many more are brutalized by the daily crime that happens, including shootings, robberies, rapes, burglaries, vandalism and other terrorist activities that happen to the most vulnerable citizens.
And how much does Obama speak out about all the going's on in the inner cities?
Not very much, if ever.
Hitler was responsible for killing Jews.
Obama is responsible for (perhaps indirectly, perhaps not) of all the violence in the inner cities.
Because Obama doesn't condemn the violence, does that mean he supports the violence?
Obama says he is against violence caused by muslim terrorists, except, he doesn't call them terrorists.
Sadly, Obama condemns the killings by muslims but won't condemn the killings in the inner city.
How pathetic is that?
Hitler was a narcissist liar.
So is Obama.
Hitler made the trains run on time in Germany.
So does Obama, except in the United states.
Hitler's supporters are fanatics and supported him no matter what.
Obama's supporters are fanatics and will support him no matter what.
Hitler is the face of evil.
Obama's face will be the face of evil, after he leaves office and the truth will be told about his evil presidency.
But I digress.
Will Obama address the horrible crimes going on in Chicago?
Of course not.
He is a very evil person.
Just like Hitler.

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