Saturday, February 28, 2015

Obama Has No Shame

Why in hell would Obama invite a tax cheat, racist, anti-Semite, liar, shake down artist, money launder and generally a devil in preacher clothes, to the White House....for the 73rd time.
From the London Daily Mail:
Reverend Al Sharpton apparently cannot get enough of the White House.
The prominent civil rights leader and MSNBC talk show host was invited Thursday to a meeting with President Obama and other African-American activists, making it his 73rd visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since 2009, according to some estimates.
In a press release sent out ahead of the summit, White House officials described the occasion as an 'opportunity to have a dialogue with the leaders about the issues facing their communities, including criminal justice, education, health care and economic development.'
Sharpton, 60, was among 18 civil rights and faith leaders who gathered at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building just before 11am Thursday for a meeting with the commander-in-chief. The event was closed to the press.Read more:
Obama had no creditability before the meeting of racists and bigots, so he really cannot lose anymore creditability.
No wonder Obama sucks as president- he listens to people like Sharpton instead of regular folk.
So, when Obama invites Sharpton for the 74th time, maybe Obama can ask Sharpton to pay his tax bill.

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  1. More recently how about ol Harry Reid admitting he lied about Mitt Romney on the Senate floor and is proud of it. I'm sure Obama gave ol Harry a big pat on the back.