Friday, February 6, 2015

Liberal Thug Protestors Kill Mam

From Paramedics took nearly a half hour to reach a stricken 62-year-old man, who later died, because they were told to wait for a police escort as a result of a protest over police brutality in downtown Berkeley, city records show.
It would have taken just a couple of minutes for Berkeley firefighters to drive from Station No. 2 on Berkeley Way to Alvin Henry Jones Jr., who had collapsed near an elevator at an apartment complex at 2175 Kittredge St. on the evening of Dec. 7.
But hundreds of people had gathered downtown to protest against police killings of unarmed black men in Missouri and New York.
Berkeley firefighters, following protocol, were instructed not to go directly to the scene. Instead, they were required to stay at the fire station and wait for police to accompany them, according to Fire Department records first released to the Berkeleyside website through a state Public Records Act request....
Although the 911 call about Jones --who had collapsed, and was having difficulty breathing --came in at 6:39 p.m., police didn't arrive at Station No. 2 until 7:03 p.m., around the time that other officers were monitoring protesters who were reaching police headquarters on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.
The tandem police and fire team didn't reach Jones until 7:07 p.m., far longer than the Fire Department's average response time of 5.5 minutes.
How ironic: These fools, tools and thugs who protest the killing a man (killed legitimately) end up contributing to the death of another person.
So, these thug protestors have ended up killing an innocent person while they protest the supposed cops brutality.
So, now, these fools, tools and thugs have killed as many people as the Ferguson, MO Police Dept. killed in 2014.
Just how pathetic are these liberal fools, tools and thugs?

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