Sunday, February 1, 2015

Obama and Deflategate

Seems like President Obama and the NFL's Deflategate" have a lot in common.
From Yahoo Sports:
President Barack Obama refused Sunday to forecast whether the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl XLIX, but he predicted the big game “is going to be close.” In an interview with NBC, Obama also dismissed “deflate-gate,” saying underinflated footballs had nothing to do with the outcome of the AFC title game.
“The Patriots were going to beat the Colts regardless of what the footballs looked like,” said Obama, who expressed surprise that each team provides its own footballs.\
First off, I don't know if it will be shown conclusively that the Patriots cheatred, but my guess is that they did and other teams will have been shown that they also have done the same thing.
Having said that, if the Patriots did cheat and change the inflation of the ball, they cheated.  They didn't know before they cheated that they would go out kick the Indianapolis Colts, so it doesn't matter if the Patriots won by 1 point or 50, if they cheated, they need to be punished.
And Obama does the same thing.
Obama cheats and does whatever he wants, even if he doesn't have to. 
He could go to congress and get an amnesty bill passed, but instead he goes out and basically grants amnesty to millions of illegals.
Obama goes out and bombs different countries through drone and airstrikes without approval from Congress, though he could easily go to Congress and get approval.
Time and time again, the Obama administration has been taken to court and it has found out that Obama has destroyed or altered records.  They may have won in court, but they decided to cheat, but they got caught, like the Patriots.
After Obama and his lackeys were caught, his supporters say "what difference does it make, in the end it doesn't matter", just like the Patriot supporters.
So, Obama does know about cheating and cutting corners, like the Patriots.
Delategate and the Obama administration certainly have a lot in common.

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