Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ObamaVille Little League Team DQ'ed

Why is not surprising that a team from ObamaVille/Chicago cheated so bad that they were disqualified from the 2014 Little League Series tournament and the team from Vegas us now the U.S. champions.
From the Las Vegas Sun: A Little League team that captured the attention of the nation and the hearts of its hometown was stripped of its national title Wednesday after an investigation revealed that team officials had falsified boundaries so they could add ineligible players to the roster.
But the sport's governing body, Little League International, announced that team officials had changed the boundaries that determine where players must live. And after learning that their scheme had been exposed, they scrambled to convince surrounding leagues to go along with what they had done.
"This is so heartbreaking," said Stephen D. Keener, the Little League International president and CEO. "It is a sad day for a bunch of kids who we have come to really like ... who did nothing wrong." But "we cannot tolerate the actions of some of the adults involved here."
While a lot of people feel sorry for the kids on the ObamaVille team, I don't.
These kids and especially their parents knew that they did not live in the proper zip code, so the kids were not only victims of the coaches and district chief but and especially, victims by their parents and to a lesser extent, themselves.  The kids knew what kids they went to school with and so, if they didn't go to school with another kid on the team, chances 1 of the kids was on the team illegally.
So, while the kids from Vegas are now the U.S. champs, they probably are not feeling the joy had they won the championship in the Summer.


  1. lmfao why are you so offended by little league baseball? Sounds like a sore loser to me.

    1. Nothing against Little League baseball. Just offended by the cheaters.