Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cops Do A Great Job Busting Murderer Thugs In Kingman

From the Kingman Daily Miner: Mohave County Sheriff's deputies and detectives arrested an Ohio man implicated in the murder of an elderly Ohio couple and two others believed to have participated in armed robberies in three states following the double homicide.
Robert Roy Clark, 29, and Tabatha Marie Hazel, 26, were in a stolen 2003 Dodge Caravan along with 26-year-old Jeffrey Caley Jr. on Interstate 40 near milepost 55 at about eight minutes past midnight Thursday when a sheriff's deputy recognized the vehicle from an FBI bulletin sent out earlier Wednesday, according to sheriff's office spokeswoman Sandy Edwards.
The deputy attempted to pull over the westbound van with Ohio license plates, but the driver refused to stop and instead exited the interstate at Stockton Hill Road and headed north, said Edwards in a statement.
Law enforcement pursued the vehicle until the minivan took off into the desert near Quail Crest Road, well north of Kingman, where it became disabled and the three suspects fled on foot, according to Edwards.
Clark and Hazel were captured and taken into custody just before 2 a.m., but Caley remained on the loose until 10 a.m. after an extensive search involving roughly 40 law enforcement officers from the sheriff's office, the Kingman Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Bullhead City Police Department and the Hualapai Tribal Police.
It was a great job by the cops. The Highway Patrol officer(not deputy) spotted the car going 75 mph travelling down the highway in the dark of night. How amazing is that?
Then the cops caught these two and earlier this morning, caught the third.
One school was locked down and the cops patrolled all the bus stops in the area to protect the kids. They also provided escorts to people who lived in the area.
Great job by the cops and throwing the bad people in jail.

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