Sunday, February 8, 2015

No Winner In Powerball, Jackpot $450,000,000

No one won the Powerball lottery jackpot on Saturday night. 
The next Powerball jackpot and the jackpot will be worth $450,000,000 if it is paid out over 20 years or so or a lump sum payment of about $301,000,000.
So, where do people who live Las Vegas go to buy a lottery ticket?
You can spend a few hours in line with a thousand or so of closet delusional friends who think they will win the jackpot and fantasize about how they will spend their money, at the lottery store on the Nevada-California border in Primm.
You can travel about 40-60 miles, depending where you live and buy the tickets in Arizona.
If you go South, past the Hoover dam, there are 3 convenience stores on Hwy 93, all within 3 miles of each other.
On the right side of the side of the road, around mile marker 35 or so, there is a Chevron store.
On the left side of the road, there is the Last Stop gas station/restaurant,tourist trap.
Down the road about 3 miles, there is a Texaco gas station/convenience.
If you go further South, you will find stores in Dolan Springs and about 100 miles away, in Kingman where there about 100 stores that sell the lottery tickets.
If you go North, you will be able to stores in Mohave County, on the Arizona Strip.
I believe, if you go to Death valley, by Beatty, there may be a store or 2 that sells the tickets.  You can find some stores in California if you drive further West on I-15.
So, don't be stupid and stand in line for hours and hours at the Lotto store in Primm,  Of course, there is a chance for you to be on TV when the Vegas TV stations do their obligatory Powerball jackpot story.
But be smart, gas is cheap and take a scenic drive through the mountains, head to Arizona.  And you can see the Big Horn sheep in Boulder City, visit Hoover Dam, walk on the Pat Tillman bridge, go to Willow Beach or visit Hoover Dam.
If you are so stupid to stand in line for hours, you just are not smart enough to win the jackpot.


  1. If you don't play, you can't win.
    All it takes is one ticket.

    Having said that, I had a dog years ago who picked better numbers than me and won small amounts with alarming consistency. I only buy a ticket now when the amount gets this high. :)

  2. Do you know this Powerball anecdote when a man was asking God to help him win the Powerball lottery. He did again and again and finally said to God that He completely disappointed him. Then the sky broke out the Voice said “Go buy the ticket at last!”
    And seriosly, could lottery pose such a competitions in Nevada to rule it out from the state?

  3. Good story.
    Hey, the casinos will bust a 90 year old grandma if they rip the casino off of 25 cents.