Monday, February 9, 2015

Good For Most Of Alabama

From The Washington Post: On the day that same-sex unions became legal in Alabama, local officials in dozens of counties on Monday defied a federal judge’s decision and refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, casting the state into judicial chaos.
Gay couples were able to get licenses in about a dozen places, including Birmingham, Huntsville and a few other counties where probate judges complied with the judge’s decision. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled early Monday that it would deny Alabama’s request to put the marriages on hold.
But in the majority of counties, officials said they would refuse to license same-sex marriages or stop providing licenses altogether, confronting couples — gay and heterosexual — with locked doors and shuttered windows.
Many of the state’s 68 probate judges mounted their resistance to the federal decision at the urging of the firebrand chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore. He is best known for refusing more than a decade ago to comply with a court order to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the state Supreme Court’s offices.
First, I do want to say that I am not opposed to gay marriage, if they go about the proper way. ( I don't support based on my religious beliefs but those are my beliefs but if the legislatures or voters vote for it, so be it)
Judges should not be making the decision.  Legislatures and voters should.
The Federal government should not be involved in any way.  we don't have a Federal marriage licenses (yet) and marriages are marriage laws are the states responsibilities.
Finally, the Federal government, especially under Obama, have been far overreaching in their power grabs against the states and someone, no matter what the state/federal issue is.
So, good for Alabama for taking on the Fed's and their huge overreach and more states need to do it on this and other issues.
And if a state wants gay marriage, then let the states legislatures and/or voters decide the issue, not judges and the federal government.
If the Fed's want to stand in judgment and decide who or who cannot get married, then they should take over marriages and kick the states out.
So, good for those in Alabama for standing up to the Feds and maybe this is the start of the state's uprising we really need in this country.

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