Sunday, February 1, 2015

Personal: Wife Update

My wife has been in the hospital since last Friday, for about 8 days now.
She has diabetes and has  some diabetic ulcers on her feet and she had to go undergo surgery and ended up with a toe amputation and a partial amputation on her big toe.
She was all set to be discharged yesterday and undergo 6 weeks I=of IV antibiotics at home but the hospital and the home health agency just could not get it done.
However, that was a blessing as it was discovered on Saturday that her big toe is now swollen, purple with puss coming out, so she will have to stay in the hospital even longer- hopefully she will be able to go home on Friday, but that is not a given yet.  And she may have to have more surgery if the big toe doesn't improve.
So, if you can keep Cathy in your prayers, it would be appreciated.

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