Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Socialized Medicine Kills Another

From the NY Daily News: Video capturing the moment a British paramedic heartlessly stood over a collapsed man outside a hospital and did nothing before walking away, leaving him to die, has been released.
The astonishing footage emerged just hours before Matt Geary was given a suspended eight-month prison term and ordered to perform community service on Wednesday for failing to his duty, the BBC reported.
Carl Cope, 47, was just a few yards away from Walsall Manor Hospital's doors, outside Birmingham, when he suddenly collapsed in June 2012.
Help never came, however. It was just a lazy spectator in Geary.
Cope was found alone and dead by the hospital's security approximately seven minutes after he suffered a heart attack that day, the BBC reported.
The 36-year-old paramedic had initially taken Cope to the hospital in his ambulance after responding to his emergency call for help that day.
But after Cope exited the hospital's waiting room to get a drink from outside, he collapsed and never made it back through the doors.
The video shows that Cope lay on the ground unattended for approximately 30 seconds before Geary exited his parked ambulance and casually walked over to him.
He carried no medical equipment with him. He instead stood over Cope while talking to him for about two minutes.
He then returned to his ambulance, hands in his pockets, before asking security to tend to the crumpled man.
And there are people who want us to emulate Great Britain's type of medicine.
I'm not one of those, however.

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