Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm Sorry For Their Loss, but The Flags Should Not Be Lowered

Earlier this week, an Arizona resident, Kayla Mueller, was killed by the muslim terrorist group, Isis.
The governor of the State of Arizona ordered the flags at half staffed at State buildings.
Yes, she was young.
Yes, she was pretty.
Yes, it was admirable that was trying to help people in Syria.
Yes, she was murdered by a bunch of muslim thugs, who are worse than savages and pigs.
But no, the flags should not be lowered in her memory.
She is not a firefighter or police officer who died in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Arizona.
No, she is not a military service member who was a POW or who died in the line of duty.
No, she is not a long serving politician.
There are plenty of people who have died in Arizona after serving the citizens of Arizona in one capacity or another and they are not honored by the State of Arizona by having the flags lowered.  For instance, a fire dispatcher recently was killed in the Phoenix area and she served the public and saved lives.  They did not lower the flag in her honor.
So, while I feel for the family and friend's loss, the flags on State of Arizona should not be lowered in her honor.
It  just cheapens the meaning of having the flag lowed to half staff.

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