Monday, February 2, 2015

Obama/ICE Screw Up Results In Murder By Illegal

From AZ Central: In August 2012, a woman told Mesa police that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in her apartment by two men and a woman.
The suspects, all three of whom had guns, made the woman strip naked, stole everything in her apartment and locked her inside a bedroom until she escaped through a window, the woman told police, according to court documents.
She identified one of the suspects as Apolinar Altamirano. He is the 29-year-old undocumented immigrant accused of gunning down a clerk at a QuikTrip store in Mesa last month while out on bond awaiting deportation proceedings.
Altamirano ended up pleading guilty to a felony burglary charge in connection with the 2012 incident. He was sentenced to two years' probation and then turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement because he was in the country illegally.
As a convicted felon, he was considered a high priority for deportation. And while he was out on bond, two orders of protection were filed against him, including one from a woman who said he threatened to kill her and pointed a gun at her boyfriend.
The killing has drawn outrage from critics who say Altamirano's release is part of a larger problem of ICE releasing tens of thousands of convicted criminals under President Barack Obama's immigration-enforcement policies.
Obama and his ilk complain that Sheriff Joe Arpaio helped deport thousands of illegals who committed crimes like identity theft and yet Obama and his ilk had no problem letting this thug felon illegal back onto U.S. streets only for him to kill a store clerk.
The blood of the murdered store clerk is squarely on Obama's hands and just another reason you just cannot trust this POS president regarding anything, especially anything about illegals.  He has no problems releasing illegal thug criminals into the mostly poor neighborhoods so they can terrorize peaceful and law abiding people.
Just another example of Obama just hating the poor and has no problem with thugs committing violence against the poor.

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