Monday, April 14, 2014

A Typical Democrat?

From the Dallas Morning News: Some primary candidates struggle to differentiate themselves from the pack. Kesha Rogers does not have that problem.
The Democratic Senate hopeful’s platform calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama and compares the Affordable Care Act to Nazism. She campaigns around the state with a poster of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache. Plus, she’s a supporter of extremist Lyndon LaRouche.
“There is this certain unique quality to what I do,” she said in an interview. “I go out and inspire people, especially people who have been discouraged by the party and discouraged by the political situation.”
That has drawn the ire of mainstream Texas Democrats, who know that a Rogers win would disrupt the party’s unified front. The party is touting what it hopes will be its most competitive statewide slate in years, but if Rogers were to win the nomination in the May 27 runoff, she would stick out.
I know, you ae thinking another white crack pot.
But you would be wrong.
She is a black female Democrat.
And seeing that race is deciding factor in many political races, starting with Obama, Rogers just may win the Democrat primary.
Not that the Deocrats have a chance winning a state wide election in Texas.

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