Thursday, April 10, 2014

Class Vs Classless

George H.W. Bush: Classy
President Obama: Classless
From the Houston Chronicle: When President Barack Obama arrived in Houston about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, former President George H.W. Bush was there to greet him.
"When the president comes to your hometown, you show up to meet him," said Bush, who chatted with Obama and the first lady for about five minutes at the foot of the steps next to Air Force One at Bush Intercontinental Airport.
Obama greeted about 50 well-wishers behind a barricade and chatted and shook hands for about 10 minutes before leaving for a meeting with about 30 members of the Democratic National Committee at the Museum District home of trial attorney Steve Mostyn.
The roundtable discussion was attended by major Democratic Party contributors. The Mostyns, for example, contributed $3 million to the Democratic PAC Priority USA.
After the meeting, Obama headed to a fundraiser at the home of another trial lawyer, John Eddie Williams.
Couples would pay about $65,000 to have dinner with the president. Some local Houston dignitaries and a former governor attended the event, and the president used the pricey gathering to rally supporters ahead of mid-term elections, reports.
Earlier in the day, Obama attended a memorial service at Fort Hood, site of another mass shooting last week. He's flying to Austin on Thursday to address a civil rights gathering.
During his short Houston visit, he avoided one truly Bayou City experience: sitting in traffic.
Drivers faced an extra dose of gridlock because of the Obamas' visit. By 5 p.m., buses and traffic on Smith Street was leading to lengthy waits. Buses lined up to grab commuters, one after another.
Papa Bush showed class by meeting Obama when he landed in Houston, even though Obama probably could not care less.
Obama showed ow little class he has by fund raising right after attending the memorial service for those killed and injured at Fort Hood.
And Obama shows even less class by attending fundraisers, raising big money, just a week or 2 after the Supreme Court ruled that political donors could give to as many as they wish, in a ruling Obama said he disagreed with.  Bush: Classy
Obama: As much class as a pig in a mud pile.

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