Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great Moments In CCSD Education

From the LVRJ: The grandmother sat in the corner at University Medical Center’s trauma unit and read the Bible on Thursday evening.
She quietly said a prayer for her granddaughter, a seventh grader at O’Callaghan Middle School who on Wednesday was kneed in the back of the head by another student and had slipped into a coma.
But, the grandmother said, the girl had started to improve.
“She’s not in a coma. She’s on life support. She’s moving her hands and her feet,” the grandmother said in between greeting family members who bent down to hug her.
As the family kept vigil inside the hospital, a candlelight vigil took place outside, drawing people who didn’t even know the family.
Less than 24 hours after news spread of the injured girl, anti-bullying advocates showed up at the Thursday vigil to denounce violence on Clark County School District campuses. They included Lavetta Schneider, who is Mrs. Nevada; Assemblyman David Parks, D-Las Vegas; community activist Gina Greisen; and Cheryl Prater, a concerned Summerlin resident whose son has been bullied.
“Bullying has got to stop, and we’ve got to put a stop to it now,” said Prater as family members of the injured girl prayed and lighted candles near the hospital’s trauma unit.
Neither the School District nor the police have released details of the fight at the northeast valley school, near Washington Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.
But a pair of the injured girl’s aunts insist that their niece had been bullied by the same seventh-grade girl for two months. They also claim that the middle school knew about it. Because lawyers have told family members not to talk too much, family members avoided specifics, only saying that their niece had tried to inform school employees....
Some of the onlookers recorded the brawl, according to sixth-graders Karl Cedric, 12, Jacob Green, 12, and seventh-grader Javier Martinez Delgado.
The students said the fight occurred between 12:30 p.m. and 12:50 p.m., and that a bunch of girls had gathered to watch, in some cases encouraging the two girls involved.
“She fell to the ground and her head hit the ground real hard,” Green said of the injured girl.
By the time hall monitors noticed what was happening, it was too late to prevent it, said Martinez-Delgado.
“It was terrible to watch,” said Martinez Delgado of the fight. “She picked her up and kneed her in the back of the head, and that’s when she went down and hit the ground.”
This happened when kids were supposed to be in class, so why were so many kids out of class and in the quad? (which is basically in the middle of the school, but is outside)
And there are cameras in the quad area, so why the delay in arresting someone for assault?
And where the security monitors?  It' possible they were on assignment and it is also possible they were doing nothing.  with so many kids out the classroom, by the office, why didn't that raise red flags in the office?
Clark County taxpayers are probably going to be cutting a huge check for the girl and her family and it could be very well deserved.

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