Saturday, April 12, 2014

It Was 93 Today In Vegas

My, what a difference 9 years make.
If it was 93 degrees 9 years while I was living in Central Wisconsin, I would have been dying and having the air conditioner on full blast for 24 hours a day.
8 years ago, when I moved to Las Vegas, I would be sweating and living in an air conditioning building.  It would be too hot for me and I hated it.
6 years ago, it was 93, I wouldn't be sweating as much, but the air conditioning would be on most of the day.
4 years ago, I tolerated 93 degrees and even spent time outside.
2 years ago, I could spend most of the day outside and the air conditioning would be half of the day.
Today, when it hit 93 degrees, I spent most of the time outside, the air conditioning ran about 2 hours and I thought 93 was a very nice day outside and 100 degrees doesn't scare me anymore.
I suspect most people who move to Las Vegas share the same feelings.

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