Monday, April 14, 2014

Liberal Las Vegas Sun A Bigot

When liberals lose a battle, they take it personally and they will do anything to bring down a man and their religion through their bigotry.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
The campaign to round up Cliven Bundy’s cattle has been canceled.
Additionally, federal land managers confirmed they released all 400 head of Bundy's cattle from corrals outside Mesquite.
The BLM took the action Saturday afternoon after hundreds of states' rights protesters, including militia and Tea Party members, showed up at corrals outside Mesquite to demand the animals' return to Bundy....
Bundy, 67, doesn't recognize federal authority on land he insists belongs to Nevada. His Mormon family has operated a ranch near the tiny community of Bunkerville since the 1870s near Mesquite a few miles from the Utah line.
Who cares what religion Bundy is, except the left's want to portray Bundy as non-mainstream because of his religion.
This is religious bigotry and the Las Vegas supports it, even as the editor of the Sun is a Jewish man.  He should know better.

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  1. I will freely admit to not "getting" this story, despite reading several different sources. But isn't part of his claim to do with his Mormon faith, and his family's long-term use of the parcel of land? I've seen a mention of it in each source, including the conservative Washington Times. And I'm still no clearer about what the actual meat of this story is. If the dude doesn't own the land, why should he get to use it for free, in perpetuity?