Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Class Obama

From CBS Houston:  A White House aide says President Barack Obama plans to attend a memorial service Wednesday at Fort Hood — the site of last week’s shooting rampage.
The memorial is also the same day Obama will reportedly attend a Democratic fundraiser in Houston for House and Senate candidates.
The Associated Press obtained an invitation to the April 9 event where tickets start at $16,200 a person and go up to $64,800 for a couple. Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are also expected to attend.
The AP reports that the money raised at the fundraiser will go to Democratic campaign committees in the House and Senate.
A Fort Hood spokesman confirms there will be a remembrance ceremony that day, and presidential adviser Dan Pfeiffer tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Obama will be there.  http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014/04/08/report-obama-to-attend-dem-fundraiser-in-texas-same-day-as-fort-hood-memorial/
My suggestion to Obama: Skip the memorial service.  Most people in the Army and the armed forces don't like him and he hates people in the military, so why even bothering to show up?

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